Hello and thank you for considering volunteering for the 2019 Granbury Wine Walk. The GWW could not operate without our wonderful volunteers. To be a part of this exciting and fun experience, the GWW incorporates these qualities in a volunteer:

Enthusiasm – Reliability – Integrity – Teamwork – Communication – Flexibility – Positive Attitude

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there are two ways to accomplish this.
1. Sign up yourself. Click here.
2. Fill out the form on this page and press send. You will be assigned a position.

Either way, you will be notified by email after we receive your information and you will get updates/reminders as the event gets closer.

GWW volunteers receive:
-Wine walk ticket (to enjoy when you are not volunteering)
-GWW t-shirt (to wear while you volunteer)
-GWW wine glass

In return, we want 3-4 hours of your time or more if you choose.

There are several different types of jobs and they are at all different times of the festival. Please choose which best fits your personality and abilities.

Types of positions

These start on Thursday and continue Friday and Saturday. It involves helping to set up tents, tables and chairs, etc. Greeting vendors as they arrive and showing them where to set up and where is the closest bathroom and any other questions they might have.

This position is both manual and technical. We need ID’s checked, glasses and tickets unboxed, checking in pre-purchased tickets on the computer and selling tickets on the computer.

TABC certified is a MUST. Works with wineries to support the winery operation.

This is a sit down job in a air-conditioned room, counting tickets.

Gather, coordinate and dispatch volunteers.

What comes up at the last minute.

All volunteers will be required to sign a release form before their shift begins.

Fill form below if you would like to be assigned a position.

Full Name

Mobile Phone

Mailing Address

Phone during Festival

Contact Email

Check the following as appropriate:
TABC CertifiedHave volunteered for the GWW in previous years.

T-Shirt Size

Dates/Times interested in working:


By submitting this form, someone from the GWW will contact you.