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Greg Davis Photography

Fate exerts a powerful pull on our lives. As Greg Davis knows, it can drag you through the mud before it shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. For Davis, fate is his quest for meaning, his desire to connect his experiences with those of people worlds apart, to exhibit that we are all part of something greater than ourselves. After quitting his job in 2004 and selling most of his possessions, Greg went on a yearlong global soul-searching expedition.

Jay Long

Jay Long was born in Houston, Texas in 1969. As an adolescent in the punk rock leftovers of the mid-eighties, Jay learned many things which would be of no use later in life, such as, how to remove a burr from a dull fit, how to detach the screen from a kitchen faucet for alternative applications, and how to hold a twelve-pack like a football instead of by the cardboard handle for a higher success rate during unfinanced liquor aquisitions…

Rita Marie Ross

Artist Statement:

I was taught that emotion could be harnessed to transform raw materials into engaging art. With an attitude of persistence, curiosity, and a hot flame, I forge a relationship between memory and metal. Inspired by nature and our human experience within it, each work is an exploration and an intentional practice in raw creativity.

Chris Smith

A seventh generation Texan and current resident himself, the artist, Christopher Alan Smith earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in 1995. Chris began creating the idea for the Battlefield Texas Series in 1999, at which time he began researching Texas’ historical events. He started his first map illustration in Jan. 2005 (Battlefield Texas: Republic of Texas map) and finished it in Nov. of 2006 (almost two years).

Bill and Lisa Bailey

Artist Statement:

Originality in design and a variety of jewelry techniques are our inspiration when we enter our studio each day.  Our goal is to never reach a plateau, and to keep our work fresh.

Our latest work uses a mix of metals, enamel and semi-precious stones to develop different hues and shapes, both organic and industrial.

Guy W. Bell

Guy Bell’s careful observation of the natural world began at a young age, instilled in him by his father, a Navy pilot. First in Florida and later in his adopted home of Arkansas, Bell spent countless hours looking skyward and wandering the woods, imagining himself to be an explorer in an untouched wilderness.

J. Howard Organic Pastels

J. Howard has always been an artist. Her artistic journey began when she was a child in Houston, Texas, showing an early talent for drawing and painting. In graduate school she studied Thea mechanics of visually aided learning while working in the graphics and film industries. She is acclaimed for her vitality of colors, strength of composition and variety of subject matter.

Thomas Thorpe

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